Let’s go on a journey through our universe inside of ourselves. We are the inner astronaut and meditation is the rocket ship. – Inspired by Bas Brugge

In 2016 «The Global Peace Initiative of Women» (GPIW) launched a series of global dialogues between emerging leaders working in the environmental field and spiritual mentors on the theme of «The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change». With the support and partnership of «Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association» (DDMBA) and with the collaboration of «Earth Charter International», this series of global gatherings is designed to enable young leaders to see the climate/ecological crisis through a spiritual lens, to explore the broader implications of the serious changes we are causing for the earth community. This year the gathering took place from October 10th to October 15th 2017 in Bonn during the COP23 Climate Change Conference.

Elias, founder of the Symbiose Gemeinschaft, was invited to join the meeting and share his view and practices towards a more connected and sustainable society.

One of the most powerful actions done during this event was organised by Kyle, a member of the group SustainUS. He wrote a song about climate justice. During the only panel presentation held by the US during the Bonn Climate Conference, he managed to bring a lot of people together to sing a song to the panellists of the White House. They were promoting clean oil, clean gas and clean nuclear. Check out the video here.